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Hyperinflation Briefly Explained

I would have to say (regrettably) that most of the U.S. and global public is blatantly ignorant of the nature and dangers of “hyper-inflation” when it occurs. Worse yet, most have no idea of its cause.

However, this is an issue of which everybody needs to be aware. This is not just something that is going to happen…but something which is already in progress in the U.S. monetary system and global economy….

Gold, Jobs, and the U.S. Economy—in a Nutshell

Once in a while, I run across an article on the Internet that just “sings.” Back on June 16th, 2010, Señor Hugo Salinas Price wrote such a piece about gold and its significance in international trade, economics—and the history behind the current global economic meltdown. This is actually an expanded and updated version of an article he […]

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