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If you are looking for a study about financial considerations when growing tomatoes, you found the wrong website. We will certainly be discussing money in this section, but not regarding farming specifically.

We are using the word “organic” as a metaphor to refer to the core and basic elements of properly functioning economies and financial strategies. This healthy sounding term is in common use today, and it often denotes within the marketplace those products of the highest natural purity. Consequently, we are using the term to refer to the things that we consider to be the most “natural” (i.e. the closest to God’s original design) with regard to economic and financial considerations.


This Organic Economics™ section of is designed to give Christians from a wide array of backgrounds and financial aptitudes an explanation of the history and principles of money, trade, and markets—but within a biblical and archeological context. Herein you will discover the “natural” characteristics of truly functional economies in order to contrast those factors with the socialized systems so common today even in the Western nations of the world. (Yes, I am even talking about the economy within the United States of America.)

Armed with this information, you will be able to more readily understand the true causes of today’s ongoing financial system meltdown. This will also provide a foundation upon which we can build an understanding of how one positions his or her family to preserve and even increase their net worth as a result of the soon-coming global economic collapse.

As you continue this study, you will find that these biblical Organic Economic™ truths will automatically expose the problems of today’s “artificial” economic systems. This is one of the ways that Organic Economics™ will reveal the financial strategies necessary to prepare for the inevitable financial upheaval.

However, I will also repeatedly remind my readers along the way that earthly possessions are NOT nearly as important as eternal things. So I sincerely hope that ALL of my readers will closely study The Supreme Value of Righteousness most of all. It is vitally important that you understand how to secure your eternal well-being over and above any temporal increase that Organic Economics™ might equip you to obtain.

Organic Economics™ Section Index:

To begin your study within the pages of this section, I suggest you follow the indicated order your first time through, beginning with the Preface. These topics are built systematically from article to article, so that will afford you the best comprehension of these subjects.

Let me also note quickly that these chapters begin to “speed up” and grow more complex as you advance, somewhat like a snowball might get larger as it rolls down a hill. So as you progress through this study, you will find things becoming more and more interesting and financially enlightening.

When you click on these links below, they will open up into new windows. You can then proceed through them sequentially either by using the links at the bottom of each page, or by returning to this page to open up a new window. The Sub-Page Navigation menu within the right column can also be helpful for finding your place within Organic Economics™.

Oh, and let me please note here that if you are the type of person who tends to “skip over” the Preface and Introduction of a book, I would recommend that you make an exception this time. The ones that I have listed below are filled with some real meat—and are truly necessary for laying a groundwork for the chapters that follow.



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