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Just a quick note to our readers and Feedburner™ subscribers that I have posted a new economic article over at entitled, Hyperinflationary Depression.

I believe you will find the notes therein, and the third-party article that I also recommend, to be very helpful.

Always in Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion



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  1. orlando tumacder

    Hi Rich,
    Appreciate your latest article. Man, these are scary times! My peace comes from knowing and loving Him, walking in righteousness, and trusting in the promises of His Word. God is, and always will be in control, even when everything is collapsing.
    Just wondering–do you see how present conditions coincide with prophecy? Will an inflationary depression lead to sovereign defaults and a world-wide currency? Is one world government around the corner; how about the likelihood of major wars? I’d love to hear your views.

    • Orlando, thank you for your confirmatory comments. It is always a blessing when a brother stops by to “Amen!” something I have written.

      Thank you also for your questions. To answer these, let me refer you to two of my older articles on my personal ministry blog,

      Economics, Gold, and the Word of the Lord (Part 1)
      Economics, Gold, and the Word of the Lord (Part 2)

      The first will explain why I see the global markets collapsing completely soon (though the exact timing for the bottom dropping out is an unknown). The second is a fairly comprehensive exegesis from Scripture—including a word study of Greek and Hebrew, and even maps—that details why I believe the Antichrist does NOT get the entire planet to rule over for a time, but only the approximate “foot print” (i.e. geographical scope) of the former Roman Empire. While I know such a concept departs radically from the most common teaching along those lines, I believe the Bible best supports such a view. (However, let me note that that single article is not a full thesis on the topic, as it would require an entire white paper or book to do the subject justice.)

      Please pop back here and share your further comments after you read those. Feel free to comment directly on those posts as well.

      Thanks again for your comment, my brother.

      Always in Jesus,


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