One Response to “Money: Gold and Silver, or Paper and Plastic?”

  1. Rich is point on when he writes about true money and it’s value. Recently I read another article about gold called , “Gold, A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth ”  By Andrew Snelling.  Many today will still deny gold as a good investment because of the value associated with the lies credited to the fiat system of the last 2 generations. Those lies are being revealed and as they continue to be revealed the value of true biblical money is being restored to it’s original , historical and yes biblical place of value. It’s just a matter of “what people”  will believe the truth “first” and “who will” own the” limited resources”  first. I leave you with a few quotes from the article from AIG for your consideration as well.  

    “Nuggets of Knowledge . . .
    One cubic foot of gold weighs half a ton.
    The ocean waters contain an estimated 10 billion tons of gold (along with most other elements). That’s over 1 ton per person.
    Pure gold does not easily corrode, it does a good job conducting electricity and heat, and it has a high melting point at 1,948°F (1064°C). So it has many applications in medicine, engineering, aerospace, and the chemical industry.
    The largest gold nugget ever found was about 25 inches (60 cm) long and 10 inches (31 cm) wide, weighing in at approximately 160 pounds (72 kg). Two Australian men found “the Welcome Stranger” in 1869 under a tree, 2 inches underground. In modern U.S. dollars, it would be worth well over $3.5 million.
    The largest stockpile of gold today is held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The underground vault holds around 550,000 gold bars total, worth $485 billion U.S. as of November 2010. (Around 95% of the gold in the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by non-USA governments.) The vault was built on solid bedrock, which was necessary to support the gold’s weight of 5,000 metric tons.

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